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The best honey from
the Altai mountains

Honey from the
Altai Mountains

Apiaries in this region were established as early as 1825 and have been constantly developing since then. There are over 400,000 bees in the Altai Mountains that constantly bustle in the environment of clean mountain air. Thanks to this, Altai honey is exceptionally tasty and has a unique taste.

Happy Birthday
Mr. President

Marylin Monroes favorite dessert was ice cream. It is in her honor that we created the largest (180ml) ice cream cone! The vanilla-cream sweetness hidden in a sweet wafer is our bestseller! It includes whole milk, butter and large pieces of Polish strawberries. We are proud of it!

Monoportions of cream icecream for Café Glacé

Pura Vida - lody w kubeczkach Green Eskimos śmietankowe i śmietankowe z owocami czarna borówka
Pura Vida softice pouch vanilla i cacao
Pura Vida Surfer

Pura Vida - lody organiczne - zielony listek

Pura Vida is the first producer of BIO impulse ice cream and a leader in this category (organic), with a certificate of being the producer of organic ice cream.
Because we make #RealIceCream.

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